Beatdown Therapy

Whitcomb Creative Game App UX Design

Description: This is a fictional project completed to showcase software competency, creativity and a bit of humor. The name, concept, logo and layout are custom designs. The characters are stock illustrations used only for mockup purposes, therefore watermarks are present.

Please visit the Adobe XD testing site to see the wireframe and view more pages. Note: this is only a prototype for testing UX Design, so not all graphics and links are finished/functional.

Game App Wireframe

Whitcomb Creative Game App UX Design

Game App Sketches

Whitcomb Creative Game App UX Design

Game App UX Design

Whitcomb Creative Game App Design

Logo Animation

The logo animation was built for use on the introduction page and loading screen of the game. It is designed to animate once upon initial load, then remains a static image for the remainder of the game session.

The original art was built in Adobe Illustrator, then layers were imported to Adobe After Effects. Simple animations were added and the file was rendered with Media Encoder.

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