Penntek Industrial Coatings

Since 2010, Penntek Industrial Coatings has manufactured industry-leading, award-winning products in the realm of concrete floor coating solutions. Partnering with quality contractors, Penntek has enjoyed strong growth that has mirrored the exploding floor coating segment of home improvement.

Print – Dealer Brochure

Whitcomb Creative Penntek Dealer Brochure

Description: This brochure was designed to recruit new dealers into the Penntek family. The emphasis is on clear, organized content with an aesthic appeal. All Penntek graphics are designed to be bold and direct. My involvement includes art direction, design and layout of all content.


Whitcomb Creative Penntek Packaging

Description: Shown is a partial sampling of the Penntek packaging. The main design goal was only to clearly communicate the specific product and its uses, since these products are for use by contractors and are not sold in a retail environment. Color, tyepfaces and shapes are used to align with other branded materials we developed.

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