Graphic Design

Effective, Strategic Design

Effective graphic design gets the viewer’s attention and makes your marketing materials easier and more enjoyable to read. Great design can also be used to explain complicated information. Great design can turn leads into customers.

Set Your Business Apart

Your business is unique and you need to show your customers and potential clients just how your business is different throughout your marketing materials. This also holds true for your internal communications – employees are just as important as customers. I use my knowledge, creativity and experience to create impactful layouts with relevant graphics, photos and illustrations that reinforce your company’s unique place in the market and strategically deliver your message. Every project is developed specifically for your business with the right voice, visuals and medium to work with and build your brand.

Whitcomb Creative Graphic Design
Whitcomb Creative Graphic Design

Graphic Design Should…

  • Tell your story. It informs your customers if your business is innovative, experienced or clever before they even read a line of text.
  • Get Attention. With the proper channels, great design generates interest and draws in your audience.
  • Create Recall. The consistent message of who you are should be present in every message you deliver. It has to be in each story you tell so your audience associates your company with your brand promise.
  • Communicate Value: Proper use of colors, shapes, typefaces, photos and layouts subconsciously associates emotion and value with your brand.

At Your Service

I have helped businesses of all sizes, from established companies to start-ups and individuals in a variety of industries. I am open to virtually all projects from simple brochures to a complete re-branding. Every client receives excellent work and one-on-one attention. My objective is to always exceed your expectations.

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