Web Design

I design websites with contemporary layouts and features for individuals, small businesses and organizations of any size. All websites are professionally developed, optimized and responsive for the best desktop and mobile experiences. They are also affordable, easy to maintain and flexible to grow with your business and future communication needs.


I work primarily with Joomla and WordPress templates. I prefer to stay in these environments as much as possible because it keeps your costs down. With these templates, much of the development has been done – we just rebrand it, choose plugins and modules to enhance the presentation and drop in your content. We can easily move pieces around and customize the layout to best deliver your message to your specific audience with the most impactful designs.

Web Hosting

I do not provide web hosting, but I’m happy to set up your account through most service providers. I’ve worked with many different providers (and they’re not all the same), so if you do not currently have one, please contact me and I’ll help you choose the best service for your needs. Of course, I can also transfer existing domains to new providers.

Whitcomb Creative Web Design
Whitcomb Creative Web Services


I set up fully functional websites with virtually everything needed. If/when problems arise, I have a few trusted developers that step in to help out if something is broken or needs custom programming. I keep this relationship in place to keep your costs down by only employing professional talent as needed.

Services Include:

  • Customized Templates
  • Landing Pages
  • Rebranding / Redesigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Graphics
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

At Your Service

I have helped businesses of all sizes, from established companies to start-ups and individuals in a variety of industries. I am open to virtually all projects from simple brochures to a complete re-branding. Every client receives excellent work and one-on-one attention. My objective is to always exceed your expectations.

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I’m proud to show off a few recent projects with great clients who appreciate good design and thoughtful communication.


I am always available for a quick chat! Please call or email – I’d like to hear what you have in the works and discuss how I can be of help.